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Consumers like the two-compartment principle of split pots and top cups for many reasons, e.g. for the variety and visibility of the toppings, to have fun during picking and mixing and the crispy texture covered by chocolate.

Coated Bits for Split Pots / Top Cups

... naturally tasty!

Product Portfolio:

  • Crunchy inlays covered with chocolate or other coatings:

    - Rolled inlays

    - Extruded inlays

    - Cake & Biscuit inlays                                                 - Chocolate inlays

  • Different shapes and sizes possible

  • Mixture of different Coated Bits possible

Application benefits:

  • Variety and visibility of the toppings

  • DIY consumer experience

  • A taste sensation with each topping alone or combined with other toppings

  • Crispy texture and freshness

  • Many dietary needs possible:

    - UTZ MB, Fairtrade, RSPO, Kosher


  • Yogurt (spoonable)

  • Curd & Cream Cheese

  • Sweet Desserts

  • Ice cream

Customer Benefits:


  • 125+ years of sourcing & processing

  • Commitment to quality & excellence

  • Ready-to-market solutions

  • Support of customer trials

  • In Big Bags up to 600 kg

Best-Sellers & Innovations:

  • Choco Balls Mix

  • Crousti Mix

  • Stars Mix

  • Crunchy Bears

  • Biscuit Balls

  • Mini Flakes Mix

  • Yogurt Flakes

  • Chocolate Lentils


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