Choco sprinkles

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Products with appealing inclusions like chocolate sprinkles ideally serve consumers wishes for healthy but stilldelicious food and drink concepts.

Choco Sprinkles Preparations

... naturally appealing!

Product Portfolio:

  • Small stable Choco Sprinkles made from finest plantation chocolate

  • Fine-grained (particle diameter 1 - 3 mm)

  • In combinations with fruits, warm flavors or cereals, nuts and seeds possible



Application Benefits:

  • Remain stable in white mass

  • Eye-catching indulgence

  • Light chocolate enjoyment

  • Labeling options: as real chocolate

  • UTZ certification possible



  • Yogurt (spoonable / drinkable)

  • Curd & Cream Cheese

  • Mixed Drinks

  • Sweet Desserts & cream toppings

  • Ice cream

Customer Benefits:


  • Inventors of stable Chocolate Chips and Choco Sprinkles

  • Outstanding application expertise

  • Support of customer trials

  • In pergals (10 to 20 kg), Bag in Box (220 kg) or containers (200 to 1,000 kg)

Best-Sellers und Innovations:

  • Vanilla & Choco Sprinkles

  • Cherry & Choco Sprinkles

  • Espresso & Choco Sprinkles

  • Matcha & Choco Sprinkles

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